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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

8 Random Orts

1. I have spent my morning battling with my mail-order prescription pharmacy, who amazingly, can still answer the phone despite their heads being firmly inserted up their asses. Then more time spent calling my doctor's office, and in general fostering a white-hot rage towards our insurance provider & their lack of customer service. Fortunately, my doctor's office shares my rage. Thank god for pharmaceutical samples, which will tide me over until this gets resolved.

2. Parmesan goldfish are excellent for breakfast. Wash them down with Diet Coke w/ Lime - Breakfast of Champions!

3. We have these status meetings every week, and every week I think about how yet again, I've forgotten to bring an ice pick. You know, to stab myself in the face. I don't care for status too much.

4. I was not surprised to learn Jack Bauer has a disciplined method for gouging out eyeballs. He starts with the right, then moves to the left. Jack Bauer is not to be trifled with. Perhaps he could stop by my prescription company on my behalf?

5. Speaking of Jack Bauer, his love, Audrey, has the best glasses & jewelry, ever. Fox needs to tell me if I can afford to replicate her style or not. I want a source! And I'm not afraid to gouge out eyeballs to get it!

6. Right now, you are glad you are not having my day.

7. But I still love my job.

8. And life, overall, is pretty good. Despite my desire to overturn tables in a restaurant. That's tomorrow's blog.
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