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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Concert Tip

We went to see Cake last night at the Uptown - I am so friggin' tired today - we didn't get to bed until close to 1 a.m. - what is up with concerts having to be so late? And with that I officially prove I'm Old.

But we parked in the Family Dollar parking lot, which seemed like an amazing coup, but as we were walking away, I looked back and saw an "unauthorized vehicles will be towed, blah blah blah" sign. JWo wasn't worried, so we headed in & caught quite possibly one of the strangest blends of music being performed by Gogol Bordello: Gypsy Punk. In all seriousness, they were kinda cool, if bizarre. But I couldn't stop thinking about the tow truck that was driving around, smiling evily, circling closer & closer to LaFonda the Honda. JWo offered to move it, and I said no. But I couldn't stop the fretting. Finally, I decided to go ask about Towing Potential & took the keys, just in case. Keep in mind there's no re-entry for concerts, so the notion of moving the car could also carry with it the sentence of missing the band!

So, here's how you swing it. You find a cop, preferably by the door, and wait patiently until he looks at you. I would not recommend going for his gun, or anything else on that belt. (Have you ever noticed just how much stuff they have on their belts? Jesus, if I had to grab something off that belt I'd be all, "Hey, hang on, ok, whups, I think it's over one past the mace, I know it, hang on, hang on!") Then, you put on your anxious face. And you ask the cop if they tow from the Family Dollar parking lot. When he nods and says, "Yep, I think so," you want to look stricken. PANICKED. Then, do you hear the bus, JWo? You throw your husband under it. "Oh my gosh. My husband parked the car there and I am freaking out. Can I go move it? Can I get back in?" And then the cop will get the bouncers/ticket takers to look at you & memorize your face & he will tell them to let you back in because you are going to move your car from Family Dollar.

Worked for me! And then I deftly parallel-parked it in the smallest space ever, further inflating my ego & sense of accomplishment. And I was able to enjoy the concert without wondering if LaFonda had been hauled off to some impound lot and how in hell would we get home and get LaFonda and how much it would cost!

More about the concert later - the one-line review is: if you like Cake, damn, they are worth seeing. They're one of those bands that's actually better live.
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