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Thursday, December 09, 2004

No Habla Espanol

Well, it's not ENTIRELY true. As this country's Hispanic population grows, I've noticed that I've picked up a bit of the Spanish language. The other day, as I was scrawling out 'BASURA!' on an empty box, I jokingly said, "Hey, all I know how to say in Spanish is 'trash' and 'beer'!" And then we started running through the words that I do know, and it turns out - yes - I am bilingual.
Step back. I'm going to dazzle and amaze you.

Cerveza is beer, and everyone knows that one. It's when I have to order the pink squirrels at the poolside bar, you know we're all in trouble.

Cuidado! Caution. I learned this from industrial mop buckets and little folding signs that warn you to exercise cuidado in a general area because otherwise you will slip & fall and it will be workman's comp physical therapy ALLLLL over again.

Banyo. This is spelled wrong. I can't write Spanish, only speak it. Bathroom. Essential to life. Especially if you're having dos or cuatro cervesa.

I am of the opinion that words like "tamale" or "chorizo" don't really count, because they are so commonplace. However, if we're counting them? I know them. I can order just about anything on a mexican menu without fear, because I know to not get the menudo. Or go to a Menudo concert.

Donde' Esta? This is a good starter for helping you find things. Wave your hands and arms a lot, to distract the listener enough & perhaps they will believe you actually speak the language. It is also goot to know if, for instance, you are drunk and really, really NEED the Banyo.

OK, yeah, I know the greetings, "HOLA!" "Como esta" or however it's spelled, yes & no, and mind your manners, POR FAVOR, be nice when you ask for cerveza, GRACIAS - those are sort of a given, especially if you've ever gone to Mexico, because it is NON-STOP HOLA! at a resort. And I can count, up to ten, but I did NOT know "14" in ol' Espanol until that U2 album came out. Thanks, Bono.
The next round of menudo & Dos Equis is on me.

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