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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Don't Disturb the Sexy

Last night on Church of Lazlo on the Buzz, they were ripping some woman for her birthday party invitation, how she referred to herself in the third person, etcetera, etcetera. I missed most of the ripping. However, the Birthday Party Girl herself was pissed & she called in to rip on Lazlo. So - and this is why I'm blogging about it - they were saying that she was all about herself like P. Diddy (and his infamous party invitations) and they started playing this funkilicious-hip-hop groovin' music under her ranting & raving (but SHE couldn't hear it), and then Lazlo's sidekick Slimfast came in at the end & did his own version of the song, also ripping on "Madame T" or whoever she was. I was BELLY LAUGHING at this skinny white kid singing, "Don't. Disturb The. Sexy DON'T" and so on and so forth. I love when something completely hits my funny bone, and it's even funnier when I try to explain it to you, to James, to anyone else who didn't hear it, because it is SO NOT FUNNY in the re-telling, but I am still laughing so much it's hard to type. And so you, my friends, can only shake your head and walk away. Because nobody, but nobody, can disturb the sexy. Or take away my laughter. DON'T.
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