PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Hey, Hotmail, way to get with the twenty-first frickin' century. Love the fact that FINALLY, finally, after all these years, you've taken away the damned frames when you click on a link in an email. And also, you seem to have done away with the blasted "Your window has been idle for more than ten minutes and the link cannot be clicked on you stupid stupid peon, I have more money in my left pocket than you and 800 of your closest friends earn in a year and still I trap you in this little maniacal webgame of mine MOOOHAHAHAHAH" or something to the same effect, you know what I mean.

Three cheers & crossed fingers for Twyla to win it on Survivor. She's crusty, she's cranky, she could totally kick my ass, but she wouldn't have to because I'd be working & helping out. She doesn't wear a bikini & she's from Missouri.

Delight that hubby's home from a four-day hunting junket. I love getting the time to myself and love how much I ache & miss him at the same time. It's nice knowing I married the right one. :)

Must Not Forget To Program DVR For Alias & The Shield. Need. Fix. Soon. 24? Kiefer? When You Comin' Back? Miss You. Hurry.

Bitchslap to Barbara Walter for picking PARIS HILTON as one of the Ten Most Fascinating People. COME ON. Just once, ONCE, I would like to see a really smart, but societally-deemed "unattractive" woman who is making a bleeping difference in this world get lauded and accoladed by the pop culture machine. Oprah without makeup DOES NOT COUNT. Instead, we get a vapid air head who wants to trademark "her" saying: "That's HOT". Paris, here's a new version of HOTmail. Enjoy, you skank. I hear there's a video of you out on this crazy thing called "the internet". You should put some clothes on and do something worthwhile with your time.

Hrmph. Enough slapping and praising for one evening.
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