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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Brand Loyalty.

As I went through my morning routine, I thought about what "stuff" I'm loyal to - beyond the obvious & more important (James, friends, honesty, etc.) and thought I'd try a list to see just how loyal I am.
1. Laundry Detergent: Tide, Fabric Softener: Downy. Yeah, yeah. My mom always used the stuff. When I was living alone & struggling, I didn't always buy them because they were a bit more expensive. But I always wanted to. Once in a while I'll try something new (the new Method line is nice but a little too fragrant), but 98% of the time, our stuff is washed in Tide, rinsed in Downy.
2. Dove anti-perspirant. The semi-soft stuff you click up through the cheese grater-esque topper. Nothing else keeps me unstinky.
3. Colgate toothpaste. With the exception of a Costco coupon purchase on Crest, once, in a fit of savings-induced madness, we don't brush with anything else. That three-pack of Crest lasted way too long.
4. Viva paper towels. In this category, I am a freak. Absolutely no substitutions and cheap bargain paper towels make me NUTTERS. James thinks I'm over the top but I notice he enjoys blowing his nose with them. (an ELEPHANT would be happy blowing its nose in Viva.) I can't stand anything else, and always buy the multi-packs when they go on sale.
5. Miracle Whip. Either you get it or you don't. Light or Regular, doesn't matter. Just keep that goopy yellow mayo away from me.
6. Clorox bleach. The ads worked. I'm convinced everything else is watered down.

Wow, I've stumped myself. I thought with as much of a consumer that I am, the brands would just fly off the keyboard. But every category I mentally stumble into, there are multiple brands without a single must-do, must-have. Makeup - all over the place, but I prefer Neutrogena for my base. Cereal & peanut butter? Primarily consumed by James, so we buy what he likes, asks for, or is on sale. Bread, same thing. Cleaning products - I like to try a variety. Clothing & Shoes - most of my clothes come from Ulla Popken because they're the only plus-size retailer that doesn't engage in gobs of polyester or mumu-esque wardrobing. Love my Doc Martens, Birks, and Ecco shoes. When you can adequately combine style with comfort, I'm sold. I realize Birkenstocks aren't necessarily considered stylish by many, but they're perfect for showcasing hand-knit socks, and they are very comfy. Loyalty Shopping? I love my Wal-Mart (SuperCenter please), Target (SuperTarget please), Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens-N-Things, Organized Living, Pier One, Price Chopper, and Jo-Ann's.
Now, don't get me started on yarn shopping. I have way too many local and internet spots that get my money, and there's no way you can trick me into saying "I'm a Berocco yarn girl, all the way." That would limit me waaaay too much. And isn't that what this country's all about? Choices!
I'm thankful I have so many.

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