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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Passion Knit's Debut

Yeah, yeah, I changed the name. I figure I should make my blog title more about knitting and less like a soap opera - even though And the World Turns still feels technically correct & often things in my life take on a soap opera-esque magnitude - though I have yet to discover I've got a mysterious twin sister, or that my husband is plotting to have me kidnapped, or that my dogs are actually searching for their birth bitches because they have a rare blood disease.

I also fiddled with the sidebar, and copied the mood monitor cartoon smack offa Leslie's site, because I thought it was cute. I doubt I'll be able to keep up on my moods (hell, James will tell you he certainly can't), so I thought a coffee-related mood would work well. Who knows. I'm hungry and I want something I haven't eaten in the past three days: in other words, I'm done with American Down Home Cookin' Country Comfort Food. I hit the big mashed-potato-veggie-casserole-turkey-more-turkey-want-some-pie wall, and all I can crave is Thai food. Waah. I don't want to get dressed & go get any, so I'm stuck with what I can scrounge up around here. Looks like the forecast is callin' for rice.

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