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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thai Food Mary

I met Roger for dinner at our favorite haunt, Thai Place (in Westport), because our absolutely most favorite waitperson in the Entire Universe works there (Amy) (who is Chinese, not Thai) and she always makes sure we have plenty of Thai Iced Tea (Nectar of Gods) and always has a joke for us. Last night’s joke started with “What do you get jackass with onion?” and we filled in the missing verbs mentally, and I said, “Somethin’ stinky?” and she said, “Hole on, I be right back.” She darted off and returned with a small notebook. She had written down the joke! I love it! I should start doing this, because I usually forget everything but “something about a guy, and then it ends with Blow it out your Ass!” and it’s only funny to me and awkward for the target, usually my husband. Anyway. The joke goes like this, and it’s a double-duty joke because it has two punchlines and right now I’m terrified I’ve already forgotten them, because I didn’t write them down.
What do you get when you cross a jackass with an onion?
Answer 1: A Stinky Ass (this might have been created on the spot for my benefit)
Answer 2: A piece of Ass that brings tears to your eyes!

While the joke itself isn’t that funny, Amy’s delivery is everything. She’s the bomb!

Immediately after dinner, I had to rush home. I thought I might actually heave-ho into a garbage can along the sidewalk, much to Roger’s consternation. He told me to go ahead, but know he’d be forced to follow suit. After getting home & having some quality time, I determined that the culprit was NOT Thai Food, but the panini sandwich from Panera I’d eaten for lunch. It had left me a bit queasy & adding spicy red curry catfish to the churning machinery was enough to send things into high alert. I am just grateful because I love Thai food so much, if I had to stop eating it, I don’t know what I would do. Just typing about it makes me crave it!

Tonight is Knit Nite, which is going to be held at an IHOP, should be interesting! I wish it were 5:00 right now!
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