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Monday, November 01, 2004

I Saw Saw

Good night, sweet Jesus, why do I love to go to scary movies? I went to "Saw" with Roger & David yesterday, and Hollywood has figured out if you're at the scary movie, then you are a perfect taret for ALL the scary movie previews! I was ready to bolt before the movie even started, what with crazy redneck killers and dead people talking and the only preview that wasn't terrifying was a funny movie coming up starring Bill Murray & Owen Wilson as deep sea divers on an illegal quest to kill a shark that killed Bill's best friend. Bill Murray in a wetsuit, doing a little hip-shifting dance, is enough to make even the terrified laugh.
Saw, on the other hand, was a lot like "Se7en" or however that movie was spelled, and it yet it wasn't as perfect as Seven. The acting was a bit lame-o. Felt more like watching a college production desperately trying to be Mamet, than a big ol' Hollywood movie. Even so, there were some taught, freaky-ass scary scenes, and of course, the mongo big twist at the end that was just so implausable, at least, it made me less fearful that psychopaths are, at this very moment, plotting my torturous demise. When I saw Seven, I had to go home and check EVERYTHING. Closets, even full closets, under the bed, everywhere. That movie flipped me out, and in part because we didn't know what it was about, just that maybe it was a mystery/detective movie, and so what that we're going to see it at 11:00 at NIGHT.
Onward & upward. I finished the cutest little booties for our United Way fundraiser, I will get a pic posted soon. I'm going to try & whip out another pair (different style) before Wednesday. We had a few trick-or-treaters last night, and none were teenagers, thankfully. I think when you get to the age you can mow lawns, it's time to buy your own candy.
I thought today was Polly's Burfday, however, James thought it was the 4th. I told James we would just have to celebrate her Burfday ALL WEEK because she is JUST THAT SPECIAL. Polly demonstrated her agreement by licking my chin. I just checked her papers, and Wednesday, the 3rd, is her 1 year Burfday. I love that dog a little too much.
Back to work. I swear, the next seven weeks (hey, there's that number again) better go by smoothly or I might just have some BlueFlu.
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