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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Well, my hubby's home & it's good to have him home. I'm so tired I feel like I've been pulling all nighters, when in fact, I've been getting solid amounts of sleep! What up?!
Anyway, given our polar opposite voting inclinations, we did not watch the debates but happened upon this crazy show on A&E called "Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating". I am not kidding. It was a two hour documentary on this dude (and he can only be seen as a "dude" because he's got a goatee & dreds) and his quest to win competitive eating contests. There is even a Federation for these people! Wowza! Anyway, at 9 p.m. James called it quits & went to bed, so we DVR'd the second half of the show, and I came upstairs to watch the rest of the debate & play a li'l Zuma. And I guess the debate was pretty restrained - Dan Rather said you needed lessons in "speed yawning" to watch 'em tonight. BREAKING NEWS: Good lord, they're saying a huge terrorism raid happened in Columbia MO today! Channel 5 news both repulses & hypnotizes me. They're sooooo sensational, and it really borders on humorous, given how seriously THEY take themselves.

Well, tomorrow should be an interesting day. I have my review, then a brief appearance in front of the president of the company, followed by a rep lunch. I wonder where we'll go for lunch - it'll depend on two things: what SHE likes to eat, and how settled my stomach is from nerves. I can guarantee it won't be a competitive consumption event.

Polly has the gas of a devil dog, and Suzy is having crazy dreams, she is burfing in high notes very quietly while twitching her paws & ears. Now she's snoring. It's fascinating to me, how dogs dream & how real it is for them! I think it's time for bed myself. I'm excited to start a new knitting project, and I think it may be the Folly from - and I think this is the second time I've said this. Maybe I oughta swatch, and/or make some flowers & see how it grabs me. I did, in my shopping spree yesterday, order the update to Sweater Wizard, which I'm excited to see - I'm not even sure what the upgrades include, but I do so like the sweater wizard software!
I also wonder how my two students are doing with their Fizz Mittens. Hopefully the more experienced of the two is helping her friend along - they're so enthusiastic - taking on so many things, taking so many classes & have so many projects going, I think I feel like a mom running behind the child on the bike, not hanging on to the seat but desperately wanting to, out of fear they'll fall off the bike & hate the bike forever.
Lights out, gassy dog. Wake up, dreamer dog. It's time for bed.
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