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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday, Sunday Sunday!

OK, the mohair/brown sheep poncho bit the dust. I spent Friday night rippin'. Now I have a GIGANTIC cake of double-stranded yarn, plus a smaller one, and I do not know what this yarn wants to be. Hmph.

Last night was unfortunate, because Polly decided to upchuck everywhere in the bedroom while I was in the bathroom...... nothing like coming back to bed in the dark & getting hit with that smell...... poor James, trying to sleep but I HAD to have the light on. Anyway, I'll spare you the gorey details, but suffice it to say, whenever I have to clean something like that up, I always come dangerously close to getting sick myself, which is followed immediately by the thought: And you thought at one time about being a doctor? about nursing as a new career? Ha! I'd be the worst. Everyone should be grateful I skipped by on that.

So I have a few days to myself with the hubby on his hunting trip, and there's pico de gallo to be made, a gajillion sewing projects and I'm in a holding hovering pattern over all my yarn, trying to decide what to do now. There's always a "grieving period" for me after I've been knitting away & then it gets ripped (or the yarn is two dye lots, or the project becomes apparent it will not fit).... not that I don't want to knit, because I really do, almost like you took away my binkie and I have to have it back, but I hesitate to start something with gusto, because I think I'm afraid of history repeating itself.

Actually, I think I will finally get going on the Folly sweater. The flowers will make nice portable small knitting, and the cardigan, well, that will be nice big knitting. :)

Mindy Smith has such a haunting voice. Would that I could open my voice and have liquid song come out, but instead it's (as Leo Kottke once said) "goose farts on a muggy day". Does that stop me? No, but I don't see Sony at my doorstep, begging to sign me.

I unfortunately got up at 5 a.m., bleah, but hey, this means Justified Napping later today, and have spent two hours working on installing updates & being computer nerd extraordinaire..... this system restore I had to do with Windows ME has f'd up a LOT of things, and while they're all fixable, it's just maddening to have to search down the solutions & then go into files and rename crap and create "fake" files to fool the computer into fixing itself. SHEESH!

On a completely unrelated note, I made the most awesome cheesy scalloped potatoes from scratch last night. the recipe is


....having a food processor makes it go lickety-split!
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