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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Killers live up to their name.

So, like, the first time I heard The Killers, I thought, "Wow! Heavy Duran Duran influences. Me love it." What's so fabulous is that when I later read the Rolling Stone review, they also referenced Duran Duran. In listening to the album some more, I'm also picking up some Queen influences. All I can say is, all of us have a little Cameron Crowe inside of us....... it's nice when it gets validated!

What I found annoying today: People who purchase expensive sports cars and then drive 5 mph under the speed limit. Seriously. Come on. The whole reason I didn't buy a VIPER was because my commute at the time was on Forest Park Pkwy in St. Louis, and it's 35 mph the whole way. Too many unbridled horses under that hood, baby. They'd get me in way too much trouble. Oh yeah, and the fact the car cost like $100k, that also played a factor. It was dead in the water when I learned it doesn't have air conditioning.

What I found wonderful today: A big bowl of shrimp galanga coconut milk soup.

What I'm looking forward to: Dinner with Roger & James, watching Survivor & Knitting. Tomorrow's Friday. Sewing bunches this weekend. The Weekend. Yay!

What I'm still disappointed by: Dad not making the trip this weekend to visit. *sigh*
Perhaps I'll forget about my sadness by going to see The Forgotten- hey, I know the reviews are mixed, but I'm not going to care. I love Julianne Moore, ever since she was Frannie (& Frannie's twin, who as I recall, sometimes was damned evil) on As The World Turns. And it's got that Hot Guy from HBO's The Wire in it. (I'm sick of linking. it takes me 800 years to get it to work right. BOTHER!)

And dammit, I'm eatin' some ice cream.

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