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Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Devil's Playground

I have discovered the Devil's playground, and it is called "Full-Version Zuma".

Thank you Princess of Yarn Kristin for the hook up.

I also FINALLY got my new sewing machine out of the box last night & fixed a pair of JWo's pants. Stunning. Having never sewed on a machine that cost more than $75, I thought all sewing machines made humming semi-grinding noises and didn't really work all that smoothly. Wows. It is like a hot knife through buttah. I can't wait to really dig in & play with all the decorative stitches! And, according to and UPS, I will have my dog bed fabric here by tomorrow, so I'll have my projects to work on this weekend! I can only imagine how awesome say, $6,000 machines are. They probably dispense perfectly frothed cappuccino and lightly toasted macaroons for snack breaks, all without getting a crumb or drop on your fabric.

I am ready for the weekend. Loverboy, you never knew how prophetic & long-lasting those lyrics would be..... I hear them every time I say that!

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