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Friday, August 27, 2004


OK, those mother-F'ers at my Honda dealership are in big trouble. Alarmist fascist pigs trying to take advantage of the fact I am a woman, and that I could have possibly, irreparably caused DAMAGE to my freakin' ENGINE by using ETHANOL based fuel in it. Oh, mah god. Because I radio edit not only for workplace particulars, but also extreme language, here is what I think of them, and it is NC-17 and not very nice to read.


And I had to leave my car overnight, so I'm still relying on the kindness of OTHERS and my schedule is dependent on them - who knows how I'm getting back home & to my car tonight! sheesh. And I'm going to have to wrangle with them ALL over again today on the phone, but hopefully now that I'm white-hot poker pissed, I will not feel the terror I felt yesterday that I had done very expensive, non-warranty-covered damage. OH. I must not revisit this for a while or I will keel over from my blood pressure spiking.

Finally, Friday. Bless you, Friday, the second runner-up in the Pageant of Days. If Saturday should lose her crown due to salacious photos surfacing from her youth, and then Sunday decides to improperly get drunk at a publicity appearance, you, dear Friday, will be the one to take over the role of Happiest of Days.
We promise, no swimsuit competitions.

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