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Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Tale of Two Bettys......

Well, the baby shower yesterday was wonderful. It was out at the ends of the Earth, yet it was wonderful. I didn't get a pic of the hooded baby sweater, but she loved it! Her MIL, Betty, is also a knitter, and from the stories I've heard, a bit wonkers. So imagine my astonishment to hear the first thing Betty says to me: "I like your style, Jennifer. You're my kind of person." I was terrified Julie might disown me as her friend. She can't remember any stories she's told her to create an opinion of me, either. Oh well! I figured one nutty Betty was going to be the max for the day. {ooooh, foreshadowing!}

So since I was already skirting the edge of the Universe, a.k.a., Olathe, I decided to zip over to Knit-Wit & see about some Koigu. That store is always BURSTING at the seams between people & yarn, and they'd just gotten a huge new shipment in, so boxes spilled over with bags of yarn. Ordinarily, that'd be fun. But it was already after 2, I had a long journey home, and I just wanted some Koigu. I couldn't find it. So I found me some Squiggle, and because the cube holding it was bursting, I ended up buying a couple of skeins (and dropping a couple more on the floor because I was afraid if I continued to try & put them back, I would topple everything!) - they will be a novelty scarf. Color: Cool Jazz
Crystal Palace's Squiggle in Cool Jazz

The only koigu they had was clearanced out, and in mostly hideous colorways or solids. Not fun. I bought one skein for a tie for James, and then picked out a couple of Waterspun skeins in a periwinkle variegated for the pigtail hat. I'll look like a complete & utter goofball in that hat, and I embrace it. I also bought some inexpensive alpaca wool in scarlet & gold for that chihuahua sweater for Monica.

So, as I'm paying, I spot this woman who looks familiar. It's Betty the Hater! OMG! What do I do? Pelt her with skeins of yarn? Linebacker-check her into the bookcase by the door? Shout obscenities? Knit some scarlet i-cord into the letter "H" and staple it to her t-shirt? I took a page from Ghandi and paid for my stuff & left.
Then I went to Pier 1 & cut my finger on a basket, jammed a splinter in so deep I couldn't remove it! I bought the baskets I had picked out & fled there as well. I should have gotten the "injured customer" discount, just like students get. Why do they do that? Show your student ID & get 15% off! Well, I work hard for the money (oo oo, oo oo) & I'd like to save!

Today is gonna be a blur. I've already been to the ATM, car wash, gas station & grocery store. Loads of cleaning to do, homemade pizza for dinner with Roger & David, prep tomatoes for sauce for tomorrow to cook in the crock pot, uh, more cleaning, and then collapse. And the work week will begin again! Let's hope it's a little less cliquey & little more fun this time.

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