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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Biggest Laugh of the Day (so far)

Walking towards the small kitchen, carrying my EMPTY Diet Coke with Lime can, that I had just finished dramatically crushing in front of Renee' and Troy to illustrate the stress levels plaguing our department & Stephanie passed me, and chirped, "Goin' to put that in the ice machine?"

I was literally doubled over, which is probably a frightening sight to see, however, it gave me great amusement and I will take it wherever I can git it 'round here. (See previous post about yesterday's coke-in-the-ice-machine. It still won't be as funny to you. Promise.)

The second funny (Fright!) of the day came from Kristin, Princess of Yarn (I am the Czarina because I need to be foreign.) Dudes & Dudettes everywhere, make SURE your metal needles have not been packed with gunpowder, and I forsee this tragic incident having a ripple effect BACK through the airline industry and the FAA banning the ol' knittin' needles again from air travel. Because it wouldn't be easier to just garrotte somebody with a circular needle, I'd like to try to pierce somebody's aorta with a size 0 needle that I've made razor sharp. Or create a dynamically exploding, highly targeted weapon by jamming C4 into the barrel of the needle. Nobody will believe you're serious when you try to set a needle up to their head, declaring you MUST be flown to Tahiti right NOW. Whatever. I'm beginning to think that everything, virtually EVERYTHING in this world (or at least this country) is sustained by focusing on nit-pickley little shit that won't truly make a difference but creates volumes upon volumes of busy work for managerial types to "supervise" and none of the really goddamn important stuff gets attended to, because THAT is too hard. I do it, everybody does it, but you know what? People who make shitloads more money than me need to not do it, and focus on the hard stuff & get it figured out so the rest of us stop having tension headaches that start right about now.

Morrissey's singing about the Girlfriend in a Coma. That takes me back to such a simpler time. A time when you looked at the clock and said, "Yes, I can go to the Bar right now for Happy Hour, I will skip this godAwful Physiology of the Brain class!" God I hope if I ever end up in a Coma, James does not pull the plug on me.
OH now on Retro Flashback at Lunch it's "Detachable Penis". My Uterus blogging friend might enjoy that as a theme song?
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