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Sunday, August 01, 2004

What's with the insomnia?

Well, I don't know what the dealy-o is. It's way late, I'm usually comatose-asleep by this point. I think part of it is a fear of re-entering the dream I left this morning - I was shot in my leg by a mugger, and it was just frame after frame of franticness. I don't remember much else, just immense pain, and panic. James seems to be staying asleep though. I hope he gets back on a schedule soon or he's going to have a lot of trouble once school starts.
On other notes, I am pissed OFF at an online yarn retailer right now, because I ordered two bags of Diva ribbon yarn in the same color, and why would they send me two different dye lots? Oh, can't answer that question? Me neither. And a nice, painful way for me to learn a lesson about double-checking dye lots, since my ribbon cardigan in the round is done except for sleeves - complete with a faint color change mid-shoulder. So now I'm hoping I can unify the look by dyeing it - RIT should work, it's a wool/polyamide blend, so I guess I'm just gonna finish the sleeves & hope for the best. It pisses me off though, all that work, and makes me wanna chuck it. Except it also makes me want like $80 discount on my next purchase from them, since that's about what I spent on this yarn. I am looking forward to hearing back from them to see if I ever buy from them again.
On a sunnier, happier note, I have oodles of mohair from, love them, and pairing it with some fuchsia Brown Sheep, I have the uber-accessory of the season in my head, a poncho. I guess everyone else is gonna have a poncho, so I better figure out if I'm doing the capelet sort or the rectangle sort. Everything I've read about Big Girl Design, a shaped one is better, but I like the pointy-ness from the squares. So, I must continue digging up designs.
I hate how weekends go so fast, ya know? I need to figure out what other knitting classes I want to teach at the Yarn Store & More, and I need to catch up with Rob when he's back in town on Monday. We have so much cleaning to do tomorrow, plus I'm going to make pico de gallo with roasted garlic - YUM. I hope Six Feet Under is a good episode, too. The DVR has been a fabulous decision, if I dare pat myself on the back excessively. I can keep up with my soaps without them piling up for 5 hours on the weekend, what with the stop & save feature that lets me pick back up watching it where I left off! woo hoo! Gotta love the gadgets.
Well, I should try to go back & get some sleep. My mind was just whirring too much, and with Polly gnawing away on her nylabone, I couldn't let go to sink into sleep. Oh hell, I also need to do trivia for the company picnic, and I need to figure out if I'm doing something for the talent show. Damn damn damn. More to do tomorrow! I can't wait to talk to Liz about Terry's resignation - I miss my lizzie-lou-hou!

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