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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Knitting List (not complete....LOL!)

1. Finish the tartalette scarf for Phyllis (birthday: 8/16)
2. Knit & felt Fuzzy Mittens for Yarn Store/Class. Yarn: Cascade 220 in pink, plus a furry pink eyelash.
3. Knit & Felt Door Mitten for Yarn Store/Class. Yarn: Cascade 220 in bright cheery red.
4. Knit (uhhh, why do I keep putting "KNIT" as the active verb.) a poncho.
segue: Yes. Everybody under the sun will be sporting a poncho, and I figure with a quicky-trippy YO, k2 tog, knit the next row kinda pattern, I too, can sport a poncho of size. I plan to use my mohair that is a blend of raspberries & browns (I know, I do an internal "YIKES" every time I think about it, as I own nothing, repeat, NOTHING brown.) I am pairing the mohair with Lamb's Pride in fuchsia, to dominate the browns in their cheery bright pinkness and sustain the raspberries in the mohair. I hope it all works out.
5. A wool Manly Sweater for my hubby. This will be a labor o' love! I will adapt Lucy Neatby's Big Gent's Sweater pattern, calculate short rows for his buddha belly, and as much as knitting in the round can be fun & satisfying, I'm thinking this will have to be knit in pieces. Here's the logic. A. Need seams for this guy. This is an out-in-the-woods, on-the-lake hunting sweater. Seams will give it structure. B. Finishing each piece will give me greater satisfaction. Yarn: Acres of 100% wool in a dark gray. Brandname escapes me. Very rustic ball bands, as I recall.

Oh, don't be fooled. I probably have enough yarn, unfinished objects, and patterns to do a list totalling well over 100. The funny thing is, with all my stash & needles, I did NOT have a set of #11 DP's! So I risked a ticket (parking in the no parking zone/fire hydrant spot in front of the Studio over lunch) & bought some today. James just laughed at me. Eventually, I will own the world & all the needles and yarn will be MINE, MINE MINE I telll you! MOOHAHAHAHAHA!

On a completely different note, somebody stashed an unopened can of Coke in the kitchen's ice machine this morning. Totally wigged me out. I live in squalor, I'll admit it. Dirt, germs, etc., don't normally get me too freaked out. But this just seemed to violate too many things. I give to you State's Evidence marked #1: The ice machine is not a flippin' COOLER! 2. People CONSUME the ice out of that machine, not put it in ziploc baggies and place it on their temples because they happen to work in a place that ignores morale as it circles the drain like the graying hair from your temples circles the drain in the shower. 3. People just seem to think they can do whatever the F they want because they want it and screw everybody else. A witness "outed" the culprit & now I do fear for my safety, however, I do weigh about 3x the perpetrator's freshly-showered weigh-in weight, so I will trust in my ability to sit on her and subdue her, should a knife fight take place in the parking garage. God help me if it happens in the parking garage though, because the "security guards", and we use the word "security" quite loosely, are comprised of a man who could star in the Dukes of Hazzard - and maybe did - a woman who never moves & stares out the door like a little nutcracker doll each night, and then - oh god help me if it's his shift - the man who is the father of the Dukes of Hazzard security guard, and sports about 4 teeth. Since he mostly smokes, I don't think he needs his teeth.

Well, I am frightened about the volume of work descending upon me, and I wish it were just my knitting list that were weighing on me. OH I have to go to bed, Reno 911 is back on as a repeat, and I love love love that show, but I DVR'd it so I should watch it at a time when I don't need immediate sleep, like now, 11:31 p.m. CST!

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