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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Drama, drama drama.

Well, I've been way behind on the ol' Ample Knitters list. And I feel like such a user-beyotch, because I've posted two desperate pleas for help in the past month, without staying caught up on everything. However, it's gotten so crazy with the whole "what's OT, don't post OT, Label your OT" blah-de-de-blah and with a list member I like leaving over it, I'm glad I was behind when it was happening! I think I'd have made the cranky complainers even MORE if they got a good dose of my rancor. Well, no sense in spending any more on that.
I did put my Diva cardigan away for now. I will need to finish the sleeves, do all the trim & then - deep breath - knit some MORE swatch, do a practice swatch for dyeing, and then dye the whole thing. I still have not heard anything from YarnXpress, which honks me off, isn't it funny, how the more time that goes by, the more I just want a FREAKIN' apology for sending me two bags of different dye lots! WAH WAH WAH! I'm having a bitchy pity party! Bring some Doritos!
So right now, I'm knitting THE cutest baby sweater for my friend Julie, who is finally having the baby they tried so hard to "get". I told her at lunch yesterday that I am unnaturally excited about her pregnancy. I just feel like I understand how much she wanted this, and how disappointed they've been until the last go-round when the results were positive, it just feels like such a perfect blessing. People who want to have children as much as they do should have them! And a little girl - oh, the outfits I get to make her! :) So I'll post what sort of yarn, I got it at the Studio during their sale, it's hot hot pink wrapped with a bunch of other colors. I also am enamored with the sweater Kristin knit for Janice's baby - it's SO flippin' cute. Baby sweaters are the best because, UNLIKE a PLUS-SIZED CARDIGAN KNIT IN THE ROUND, they don't take UMPTEEN HOURS and then if you discover the dye lots are DIFFERENT, it's not the end of the freakin' UNIVERSE!
WEll, rant off. I'm off to play dominoes online against my hubby. He'll probably kick my patoot, because I'm out of practice at adding quickly in my head. :)

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