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Thursday, August 19, 2004


I just realized that the crux, the very center of my insecurities, the little voice inside that says "you're not good enough" - oh my god, that is the mantra and nature of advertising! on all levels, of course, and you could say the big level is obvious - you, stupid consumer demographic Segment Two, need this powerfully strong deodorant to attract a mate because you are lacking in mate-attracting skills, and our deodorant will help you evolve and disguise all your shortcomings at the same time! Buy now! here's a coupon. - but on the smaller, day-to-day level, oh my gosh, it is pervasive! I chatted with the Dawgg about this, and we agree: we're all so human and frail it just sucks sometimes.
And I should note that I don't think this is inherent to me. I think it's just the nature of the NuBeast, a.k.a., corporate culture in America right now. Where fewer people are doing more work, and everyone's running as fast as they can - and the most they can do is look fearfully over their shoulder, hoping that their own job isn't in danger & maybe that wounded zebra in accounting will distract the Lions of Management long enough to get into those trees and hide. I imagine the people of Enron were much like surprised water buffalo & disheartened to discover their oasis teeming with ravenous crocodilia!

I'm in an excellent mood. I love this weather, (cool, cloudy, ever-threatening rain), I have my shopping list made, and my hubby can walk today with so much more ease than the past three days. We are eating Thai food tonight. The darkness has lifted. I still have garlic breath from lunch and I don't care. Perhaps a little chocolate from my Drawer of Contentment will help everything be that much happier.
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