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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Not so hateful.

I'm going to not be such a hater today. However, let's get the hate out of the way. Things that are wrong with today:
1. James is on crutches & therefore I am responsible for all ambulatory activity. This means taking care of the dogs, and since James has lost the key to the (locked) kennel, the only way to put the dogs up is to LIFT the kennel off the concrete on the far corner,and this morning, Miss Polly decided she just didn't want to go under. My neighbors probably are praying for me still, given the foul stream of Curse that I did not Edit and in fact, Shouted. As sweat was running in my eyes.

A few Thwacks later & she is now safely inside her kennel.
2. --radio edit ---
3. My onion breath
4. My headache
5. All this work!

Now, the good stuff.
1. James talked to (and showed his ankle to) Sarah's fiance', who's in school for Physical Therapy & he said it isn't his Achilles Tendon, but either a heel spur or a small tendon that goes to the heel. Excellent. He also said a doctor would just say, "Stay off of it." So, crutches, good investment!
2. Got a call from my insurance agent, Ted Wheeler. Ted's the bomb. I always want to shop around & then I talk to Ted & his service is Grade A. He had better news - they've adjusted zones & apparently for a couple years I was overpaying in insurance! So I'm getting a check for a couple hundred dollars. Yay!
3. I forgot to input round 2 rates for one of my stations, so I may be making more progress than earlier thought!
4. I now have the greatest assistant ever helping me with my paper palace, and she is doing an awesome job, which helps me do a better job on the bigger stuff!
5. Teaching Tunisian crochet was fun last night.
6. Diet Coke with Lime. I loves it.
7. BOLT CUTTERS. They will be my salvation. And also help me solve Bad Issue #1, because I will cut that padlock off and put in a new one, with numerous keys, and the main key will be on a small boat anchor so it is not easily LOST!

Well, the end of the work day is nearly here. I have just taken 3 Tylenol, which will hopefully sustain me through my volunteering tonight, and I need to remember to stop at Roger & David's to get my makeup bag so I can once again, be pretty.

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