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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

One Conflict Down, 8,726 To Go

Well. My yarn dye-lot debacle disaster detrimental experience has been resolved, sorta. I finally was able to talk to Lori and she was profusely apologetic. This was desired result #1. Isn't it usually, before we got lawyers involved? You just want recognition. For a job well-done, for the pain you're in, for having tried. In this case, for the umpteen hours spent knitting to discover your yarn is two different dye lots. Anyway, they're going to research how I can dye my garment, once I get it finished, and after many wrangling arounds of what to do to make me happy, I decided not to be the HaterBeyotch and said 25% off my next order would be just swell. I have a feeling that no matter what I buy, those dye lots are gonna match!
So, I guess I'll have to play around and decide what to spend more money on with them - I have GOT to knit the poncho though, so what my next project for me should be is an unknown.
And sort of a victory, James is going to the doctor this afternoon. I'm sure he will not be happy with the experience, but he is not a woman and therefore doesn't use a speculum to gauge the level of awfulness for doctor visits. Now if only I could cut that damned padlock off the dog kennel. I am not strong enough and that makes me angry. I did not try to burst the padlock with my steely angry glare, however, because I don't think my powers have grown, and my computer at work has not exploded yet - and it's under that glare a lot longer than the dog kennel.
It's Craft Lunch Day, so I need to get some lunch, and then do a li'l decorative scarf knitting!
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