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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The New Knitter's is in the House!

Well, hubby put the mail in two piles last night, so I didn't discover the Knitter's magazine patiently waiting for me at the bottom of the heap until this morning! There's not a single sweater in it I'd want to knit, but hey, I love to look & get ideas. There is one hat that WILL be mine:

Pigtail Hat

And, it's out of Koigu, so I can jump on
Kristin's Obsession Train

Today is Julie's baby shower, I'm going to snap a pic of the baby sweater I knit for her & get it posted; I also need to wind the Cascade 220 so I can get crankin' on the felted door mitten sample for

The Yarn Shop and More

I'm excited to teach classes there this Fall! I hope I don't get so excited I trip & stab myself with a straight needle or somethin'.
This weekend is off to a great start, because American Family Insurance sent me a check for $557 because apparently they had my old apartment in the wrong "zone" and their new software caught the glitch. Hooray for new software! And it makes my $164 "I'm starving & had the worst day EVER" shopping spree at Target last night a little easier to swallow. (Granted, half of my purchases were home needs like dish soap, a fan (on clearance!), a new padlock for the kennel, heat patches for JWo's ankle, color printer ink (what's with the highway robbery on the printer ink. I swear sometimes just buying a new printer would be cheaper). The rest was snacky candy stuff, mac n cheese, baby presents & wrapping materials for today, and now that I really think about it, there wasn't anything truly delightful just for me! Hrmph! I guess that's why I have to buy something today then, eh?

I miss Lizzie Lou. I am envious of Shelley, who is visiting her this weekend. I hope they call me! They'll probably wait until they're in Crate & Barrel so we can pour the kosher rock salt right directly into the wound.

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