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Thursday, September 02, 2004

An Evening in Tuscany!

Well, it's been Catalog Week at our house, with a whole great big bunch of yarn catalogs rolling in - always fun, always inspiring! I was leafing through one of two Herrschner's catalogs (they have a Yarn Shoppe one, and a general crafts one, this was the general crafts), and I saw this:
My What A Big Bird You Have
the verbage said, "your guests might think they're dining in Italy".... or a crazy person's house! If I had guests over, I sure as hell wouldn't be putting a big-ass fake bird on the table to distract them from all the hard work I spent embroidering a table runner! It was definitely a "what-the-hell" moment.
Knitting Update: I am running out of yarn for the felted door mitten so I'm getting another skein tonight. I also realized (DUH!) that I can take in the one I made LAST year to the Yarn Shop for display, and I don't need to cramp my hands trying to speed knit this thing done. My hot pink Fizz mittens are drying as I type; they are SO FUN. I want to make two more pairs, one bright red, one bright yellow, and then have two pairs of one-red-one-yellow for Chiefs games, and I know I'd be able to sell the other pair, or make somebody reeeally overwhelmed by the gift! I say this like I'm going to so many games. I only luck into going, but still. The games are so fun, and who knows, maybe we'll just go out and tailgate. I look like a lunatic at those games with my enormous faux fur bright red coat, people think I bought it just for the game? Nope, that's all me folks, spot the bright red chick. I think it's better than the women who spend BIG money on those Alaskan fur coats that are Chiefs colors, sheared & shaped & have football numbers on the back - ay yi yi, if you have that much money to be ridiculous with, throw some at me, I'll dance for ya, or even make you some stunning mittens!
Can't wait for the weekend. A three-day weekend, filled with camping with my best gay friends and my husband, this should be hilarious. Hubby is already shaking his head at our elaborate menu. Whatever Mister, you'll be happy eating homemade pancakes!
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