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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Silence on the Train Tracks

Right now, I'm fat & happy. I have a belly full of Vanilla Cinnamon "Oatmeal for Women" and red raspberry yogurt. Now I'm sippin' on home brewed coffee flavored with Torani vanilla & International Delights French Vanilla creamer. You'd think for so much vanilla, I'd be boring.

I am a bit frightened that the older (and fatter) I get, the more absolutely eccentric I'm becoming, not to mention my interesting wardrobe. I have visions that in ten years, I will be wearing hats I've created myself, with piles of fruit and birds and other various items from Hobby Lobby.

James will certainly not go out with me in public, but Polly Precious Purebred will. :)

A Girl and her Dawg. Polly was the absolute cutest this morning with her Kong, I tried to get pictures, but none captured the first moment where she just eyeballed me, motionless, for over a minute, daring me to try to take her Kong and simultaneously pleading with me for admiration of said Kong. She's a goooooood giiiiiiirl!

It will be fun to share her with Dad when they come to visit a week from Sunday. I'm looking forward to that, but not so much to all the housework that must get done before they arrive!

As for everything else, it's a John Prine song. Right now, I am waiting. I am waiting to see what happens. There are so many things that could happen. But there's really only one right solution. I am hoping that good triumphs over evil, sooner rather than later. The Karma Train has its route, and I had the honor of seeing it a couple months ago screech by and deliver some long-overdue righteousness. My ears are straining for its whistle, to hear the hum of the wheels on metal, as it churns forward, bringing with it the hope for a new tomorrow.

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