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Friday, September 17, 2004

My eyes, MY EYES!

So, I had an eye exam today, and they did the whole gamut of everything, including those evil yellow eye drops that dilate your eyes. In the exam, we discovered I've been overcorrected for the past year & a half. Lovely. Explains why I've been unable to wear contacts & work on the computer, though. (By overcorrected, we're talking -325 and it should be -200!) I still wonder how reliable those eye test are. After all, it's very pressure-filled to me, because your answers (One, or Two?) are all in this compressed two minute time frame, and your eyes are straining and it's not like I put those satanic dilation drops in every day, so who the F knows. We agreed to scale me back to -250, rather than drop me down suddenly. I also feel vindicated by my anger & dislike for the last doctor.
Then, I went up to the counter & got those damn sexy black plastic things that help you cope with the BLINDING ORB OF FIRE IN THE SKY, I swear, I took every holy deity's name in vain when I left the office. It struck me that if they can make drops that open your pupils, they oughta have drops that shrink 'em back! (and it turns out, they do, you just have to ask for them, how stupid is that?) It also struck me that driving a car while your eyes are dilated as though you were walking in a pitch black underground cave probably isn't the wisest thing, either. I stayed on State Line until I got a stop light, and then made my way over to Ward Pkwy, a route I could possibly drive with my eyes shut, so I didn't endanger myself more than necessary.
Work was non-existent today, what with the big appreciation lunch & gambling at the casino. This year I decided I'd spend the $10 they give us & no more. It bought me about 15 minutes of fun on the slots, and then I came home & took a four hour nap. It was delicious, and when I woke up, my eyes didn't hurt!
Fabulous Friday. I have SOOOoooo much cleaning & work to do around the house, not to mention the work I brought home - but hey - it's the weekend, and I'm getting some sewing done, as well as finally finishing the felted door mitt! yay!

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