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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Nothing serious.... just on of my favorite writers added another volume to the planned 13-book collection......Lemony Snicket's Series

Though there was the series of Unfortunate Events last night ..... from the black hose with black sandals to the seating arrangements that had me wishing for more *cough* room. But on a scale compared to those suffered by the Beaudelaire children, an easy night overall.

And the a/c has been fixed upstairs, a tremendously Good Thing, so I can once again get going on the dog beds - and cleaning/organizing! I'm on the one-room-at-a-time plan, and tonight was the dining room. I'm feeling hyper-structured right now, very linear in my thinking. It's ok, but it reminds me of "back in the day" - it's a characteristic in me that I don't always access, and the times in my life in the past when it reigned supreme were also rather destructive times. Thankfully, I have learned from those times, so it's not like they'll repeat themselves - it does just make me a little edgier than normal when I look inside. To borrow from Lemony's titles, with me, it can be a Slippery Slope sometimes. :)

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