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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Be Careful Moving Furniture

That was the big message in my horoscope today. Whoa. How did the stars know I'd been planning some reckless furniture moving later today? I have revised my plan and will exercise extreme caution. It reminded me of how my horoscope in the Des Moines Register often admonished me to "use caution while driving", this at a time I was in college & had no car. It was almost weekly. We Cancers must be seriously accident-prone. We're certainly moody & prone to depression. And homebodies.

It's funny when people say "Be careful!" or "Drive safe!", because what they're really saying is, "I love you! Don't get killed on the way home! Don't pick up any psycho hitchhikers or stick a fork in the toaster!"

The Chiefs won, finally! I did not stay up to watch the game. I did wear the Chiefs squiggle scarf yesterday, and laughed to remember James' quesion: Is it super-absorbent? I said, I guess so, why? He replied, So it can soak up all your tears this season! He's a true-blue fan, too.

Little Miss P is going to boot camp, with her new drill seargants, Cap'n James & Sgt. Jennifer. She has been such a little brat, running off the second the back door opens wide enough, NOT coming back even when she sees us, and then during the day, barking in her kennel non-stop. The instruments of training are coming back out: bark collar & e-collar. She refused, REFUSED to go to her bed last night & it took both of us to catch her, spank her, and get her on her bed. It's like having a rebellious teenager who just won't quit smoking dope & sneaking out to drink! Except without the backtalk and acne. And she still gives the best hugs! :)

Well it's back to the kosher salt mine. Mmmm, now with extra sodium!
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