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Thursday, September 23, 2004

It Fell.

I came back from lunch & my sandwich shop menu board had fallen down. It took me five minutes to find the missing piece of plastic that frames it on the side. I had just been thinking how I needed to take it down & revise the lettering on it, as it has prices for "media plans" and various planning-related tasks, and it's been just over a year since I went to the buying side.

I looked over at the sign, propped against the wall, and was reminded of a ritual in the monumentally huge & gorgeous Cathedral Basilica Catholic church in St. Louis in CWE.

When archbishops in that church die, their hat things are suspended from the ceiling by a piece of thread. (This would be the ceiling in one of the smaller chapels, off to the right, the Mourning Chapel, I do believe. It's stark, dark, somber, and dead priests are buried under the floor. It's amazing to move into that chapel, especially if you're leaving the bright beautiful Tiffany-designed chapel. I digress.) Anyway, those hats are suspended until the thread breaks, and then the mourning period for that individual is over.

It is time for me to move on.

I love rituals like that. Odd to those who know me, I used to go to that Catholic church, just for the peace I felt there, along with the jaw-dropping beauty of the mosaics..... for nothing in that church is painted. Take the virtual tour

Now I have to find all the right letters to re-do my sign!
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