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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Let's Get Physical, Physical

Because there's nothing like having Olivia Newton-John ricocheting around your head in a high-pitched whine.

I had my first appointment with the physical therapist today, who was a really great smart guy. I think I still get gaga whenever I'm around really smart men who don't talk down to me, but as though I am smart enough to ask questions when needed. It explains my 4 crushes on different professors, anyway. So I have a list of exercises to do, and it was a very optimistic visit because I am getting better each day, and did not tear anything in the knee, simply overly strained. It did amuse me how he kept referring to my muscles as "him" or "he". Like these little men live inside my lower back and knee, and need some hot tea & brisk activity to recuperate properly. The other thing I learned is "Up with the Good, Down with the Bad", which is something we can apply to many things, not just climbing stairs. However, specific to stairs, you'd think, of course, lead up with that good leg, but you wouldn't think, ok, step down with the bad leg, because it's Wobble City when you do that. Amazingly, it is safer to step down with the bad leg. I can't wait to get home and try it out. Meanwhile, I'm going to think about the best spot to needlepoint that little catch phrase.
I'm off to Dr.Phil (god help us, not THAT one, but my MSW Phil, who is umpteen times more sensible and perceptive than Oprah's mihnkey), and it's sometimes a crapshoot to see what we'll be talking about. I'm sure there's plenty, it's a matter of picking with bottle to uncork. I still have a dream I'm starring in Alice in Wonderland. "Drink Me!" hmmmm, the bottle labeled "mother"? or "father"? or "Work"? Where's that Mad Hatter? The best is in Through the Looking Glass: my favoritest scene ever, where Alice meets the Red Queen, and they have to run, run, run on the chess board but that's just to stay in place, if you want to get anywhere, you have to go even FASTER! I just wanted that big queen crown SO MUCH. I smell a Halloween costume for next year. I bought a fabulous mug with that very picture on it, and the quote from Alice saying "I never thought I'd be a queen so soon!" and of course it's Roger's favorite mug because we gave him tea in it once and the joke IS funny. I swear if he breaks it, he's a dead queen.

The other image I have is that I'm starring in the longest episode ever of Survivor, where we are down to the final three people, and we are walking and doing the Tribute Episode to Fallen Comrades, and we come upon each Fallen Comrade's torch and there's something that is reminiscent of the person and we take a few minutes to look downward in a silent overwrought melodrama as if we still miss them. But in this Episode, we do miss them. I feel like I'm walking by Shelley's torch, then Brent's, then Ashley's, then Liz's, then Brandi's, then Dana's, and I'm probably missing some of the torches because there have been so MANY Fallen Comrades, and I wonder why on earth I'm still here, and where I'm going, and is it going to be my torch next?

Meanwhile, it's acres of knitting on the Folly body. I forgot it here at work so I'm not making that mistake again tonight! It's big TV night! Yay!

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