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Saturday, November 06, 2004

I'm BAD I'm bad! Hoo! And the Whole World Has To Answer Right Now: WHO'S BAD?

Oh, yes, I'm bad..... I bought yarn ..... more yarn than I planned on buying - but hey, it was all gooooood. The Studio had their awesome sale & I got loads of yarn for lots of projects, and walked out saying, "I'm done buying yarn for a while." To which Kristin replied, "Yeah! Until next week."
Well, it's not even next week and I'm freebasing all this Tartelette I found on eBay, because the prices there are way cheaper than even "on sale" at my LYS, and I smell holiday scarves as presents. (My yarn nose is amazing. A veritable bloodhound.) I seriously am going to have to be stopped. If only Two Rivers was a more glamorous retreat. I need like a detox yarn spa, where I bring my OWN stash, but get massages & manicures & pedicures & tasty healthy meals cooked for me and it only costs, like, $30.
The Folly is humming along, I thought the acreage knitting was really going to be annoying, but in fact, it's going pretty well. I grabbed out some of my flower yarn to take along tonight for a small project if Game Night is not holding my interest. (That's the kind of guest I am. You're having me over for a game night? Well in case I get bored with what you have going on, I have my knitting, right here! LOL!) I'm looking forward to Genghis Khan beforehand, apparently the new one up north is pretty spiffy. I need to stop at Home Depot on the way to Roger's and get a Hound Dog bulb planter, since tomorrow is Tulip Day for me, and I'm not kneeling & planting 100 bulbs!
Had my first session of the Felted Door Mitten class today, the students were all at different levels, but I feel pretty confident that they'll all be able to go off & make some serious progress between now and the 20th. I enjoy teaching, and it's fun to teach new things that delight people, like a knitted cast-on, for instance. Two students decided it was the Greatest Thing Ever! It's rewarding to have that kind of enthusiasm. And I got paid for my classes, so it actually made me feel a little better about this Yarn Binge I've been on!
Better get dressed & going if I'm to be on time.... for once!

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