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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Solace in Solitude

I have spent the day in the same items of clothing I chose when I decided I was cold & needed something to putter around the house in - at 9:30 a.m. It's over 12 hours later, and I've spoken to one person on the phone, had MANY conversations with Suzy, who is staying at home this weekend while Polly gets some hunting experience, and I have done diddly-squat beyond what I've wanted to do, most of the day. Interestingly enough, my unshowered, stick-straight hair has actually stood up more on one side of my head as the day's gone on, I'm not sure what physics-defying mechanics are at work, but I look more bed-head-rumpled at 10:17 p.m. than I did after I got up this morning. As my dear art history professor Susan Strauber would describe a Corot, my hair is "movemented".... we never believed that was a real word, but it worked, and is particularly applicable to my hair profile today. I didn't go outside & plant tulips, because I wasn't dressed for it, and could not bring myself to change, apparently. Lazy, lazy daisy am I! But I checked my work email & Heather from had replied to my query - how big is Leta's head - so I've started a fun little hat for the cutie-patootie. Kristin & I will hopefully get the hats done & off to her before it gets too much colder! I switched from the poofy pink yarn to a skein of biggy print I had left from some socks - it's way more fun, and I'll use the poofy pink for little Lily Wenger, maybe make her a beret or something. Baby knits are so fun because they go so fast, and the results are so adorable! I'm completely making the pattern up as I go, so here's to doing it without running out of yarn.... I better go do some of the work I brought home - the week ahead will be grisly as usual, and I never seem to learn the lesson of doing a little at a time ..... kinda like those tulips.....!

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