PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Thursday, November 11, 2004

She shoots, she scores.

There is something incredibly satisfying about throwing an object (like a pop bottle lid, or a pile of paper) at the garbage can & having it "thunk" right in. Most people take this for granted, don't they, their ability to accomplish such a mundane task? Not me. I am AWFUL at basketball and other similarly-skilled sports. Here, take this surprisingly heavy object, don't double dribble, run back & forth & evade all these waving hands in your face until you get within 'range', and heave said object up in the air and through that stringy thing on the ring. What-flippin-ever. Let's just say, it's not the sport of choice for short fat women in this country. The hand-waving in my face, I will never, ever forget. It made me want to throw the ball RIGHT IN JOLENE'S FACE and break her nose. My own cheer would have gone something like this: BE AGGRESSIVE, BE, BE AGGRESSIVE, GO! GO! GO! HA HA! I BROKE YOUR NOSE!

So whenever I throw something halfway across my office and THUNK it goes in, or even more exciting, I bounce it off the backboard of the wall and it THUNKS into the garbage can, I mentally award myself with praise and two points. I have no idea what my score is, but I'm winning.

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