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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Everything's Tired

My hands are tired from knitting, my body is tired from - well, I'm not sure what its excuse is. I only got 18 tulips planted (hey! I have 98 to plant, so only 80 to go! wooo hooo!) and it was arduous, even with the HoundDog Digger, because the ground is so wet it won't release from the cone that you stomp into the ground. And the Hound Dog Digger is not the lightest piece of equipment (which is good, I prefer sturdy over cheap & bendy), so whacking it four-six times after stomping a plug of earth into it, was just a little more than I'd bargained for. Plus Polly was observing from her kennel & whining, which made my nerves more than tired, it made them rubbed the wrong way & grouchy! It's funny, I'm putting in "Sophisticated Ladies" by the dog kennel, and Mike observed last night, "For the doggies to look at?" I said, "Yes, because they're Sophisticated Bitches." There's nothing like fifth-grade humor among friends.
There may be an elann purchase in the near future, because I'm not enraptured with some of the colors I bought for the flowers for my Folly. I have a purple & a lime that I do like, and I think I'll stick with a similar color scheme that the designer had, adding a deep fuschia rose, and a navy blue. I have a bright red, pale yellow, and sky blue that I'd ordered, and they don't make sense now. Oooooh, but an afghan could incorporate all those colors, eh? LOL, I just can't stop. Maybe baby sweaters would be better. But it's handwash. Hm. Well, I'm sure I'll find some use for it all. :) It's a sickness, and I'm certifiable. Certifiably tired, that's for sure. Off to turn the oven on, for my hunting husband is homeward bound, and we're having salads & pizza for dinner. Yum!

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