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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Lord Has Chossen You As A Vessel!

Yes, that was the subject line from one of the 55+ spam emails I get on a daily basis, and it made me laugh enough that it stayed in my Junk mail folder, just as a pick-me-up for those days when I don't feel like a Vessel for anything, let alone Our Lord. As a former spelling bee champion (I was a contendah, daddy, I was!), I am a bit disappointed in the scribe chossen by the Lord, because it really is important when you get notifications like this, that everything be spelled correctly. I can't frame this or even forward it to my friends, because it's got that slipshod feel now.
I crowned myself the Queen of Cream Sauces last night, because I can say without hesitation that there are two things I do with impeccable skill: parallel park & make a cream sauce. In cleaning out the pantry over the weekend, I found an assortment of half-used bags of pasta in a variety of shapes. I under-cooked the pasta, put it all in a big lasagne pan, and then whisked my magic: cream sauce, to which was added 4 cups of shredded cheese (sharp cheddar, colby, jack) and then some chunked Velveeta just for the guarantee: damn good cheesey-ness. Topped off with parmesan cheese. We had some leftover - getting hard & crunchy - artisan garlic bread, so I cut that into bitty bits, tossed with butter & used those rich crumbs to top the whole shebang off, put in the oven at 375 & baked for about half an hour. It was almost too rich, if there is such a thing! Leftovers will be eaten with lots of steamed broccolli, my favorite veggie, which will sop up some of the cheesey cream sauce & cut through the overall richness. I am excited to get my yarn wound for the Shardigan (which is not a Summer Shardigan, but rather a Holiday Party Shardigan) - I don't have loads of time between now & the party & best to get crackin'! The Folly is coming along nicely, and those little flowers were meant to be done intermittently, because they do hurt my hands a bit. 16 large flowers done, 16 large flowers to go, and uh, 24 small flowers to go.
Please, Lord, if I am your Vessel, let me finish this cardigan.... flowers & all!
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