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Monday, November 22, 2004

Five Minute Adoration of Lenny Kravitz

I'm sitting here watching Lenny's new video "Lady" and of course, he is still an amazing musician, singer, rockstar, and his little sideways smiles ooze sexuality. He's a hottie, and if you think that's news, you need to get out a little more. His new haircut is shockingly handsome - I thought I'd always swoon for the dreds. I was thinking about how challenging it would be to be Lenny's girlfriend (c'mon, indulge my fantasy. We're only doing this for 5 minutes.) Seriously, you'd have to have an amazingly secure ego, because not only would unbelievably hot, beautiful women be throwing themselves at him all the time, you'd have to live in the shadow of Lisa Bonet, and Lenny LOVED that woman. So I think Lenny should date Annie Lennox. Because she is possibly the most intimidating & secure woman I've ever seen. She scares David Letterman. I first thought Halle Berry, because they have the same haircut now, and they're both really beautiful, but I think Halle would be too insecure. Annie wouldn't even ask Lenny where he'd been. Because she wouldn't have to.
And kudos to Lenny for the women in his video. They obviously are amazing dancers, and they have -gasp- real thighs! Very muscular & not Paris Hilton pukey skinny. I love ya, Lenny. James is still is mad at you for cancelling your show here two years ago, but I say all is forgiven. Come on over to Kansas City, Lenny. And think about giving Annie a call, if she's not taken.

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