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Friday, November 19, 2004

Rock 'M Sock 'M

This afternoon was a rock-um-sock-um kinda afternoon. It felt awesome. I don't know if it was excessive amounts of sugar burning themselves into productivity neurons, but I got SO MUCH DONE it was almost frightening. It was terrific! I felt no guilt about leaving every bit of work right there, at work. Next weekend will be a little different, as I'll need to haul some files home to do numbers, but it still won't be Herculean.
After work, Kristin & I went to a Fiber Fair/Sale & I bought a sock kit & some yarn for a Xmas present. Then I came home & smooched my husband, we put together the new vacuum cleaner, he left for his hunting lodge & I am knitting, watching tv, and hanging with Polly, who has licked me more than she has all week. Ew, but still sweet.
I also feel like my conversation yesterday with Phil has helped me realize the foundation I am building is actually brick & mortar, not quicksand. I feel like my actions at work are doing good, and I do not care if they ruffle feathers because someone's insecure or feels the need to compare themself to me. I am doing the right thing, and I am doing positive things. It does not have the power to fix the things that still need to be fixed, but if I can make some people feel like I value them, and to break some of the ice that seems to have frozen up around everyone, then I have gone "above & beyond".
I am setting my own boundaries with my family & it feels healthy. It feels like I've finally made it to the top of that hill, and even though there are more hills out there in front of me, I'm making my decisions & owning the fears & sadness that sit within me still. I may even set down that baggage & leave it behind one day. At least I've taken a few rocks out of the backpack.
sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me ..... re sp ect find out what it means to me..... to BE me.....

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