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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Unbridled Joy

Yesterday morning, I did my usual weekend home-alone routine upon waking up: go to the bathroom, admire how insanely-styled my stick-straight hair has become overnight, go unclick Polly from her pillow (she's leashed up at night to prevent mischief), and let her out so she can go pee, too. Often, it's out the back, but yesterday morning, I let her out the front door. Our Saturday paper was smack-dab in the middle of the driveway, and I thought I'd see if Polly would retrieve it after she'd gone pee.
Much to my amazement, she bounded straight for the paper, picked it up, made a small detour pit stop on her way back (to pee, but never dropped the paper) and brought the bagged paper right to me! I didn't even have to say "Paper"! (The command we've used with Suzy.) Well, I was astounded, delighted, ecstatic, and Polly was pretty happy, too, what with all the praise and then a Woof-a-roni treat. I called James on his cell, just to leave him a message, about how exciting this was, what a great job she'd done, and how proud of Miss Polly I was! Later he left me a message back, and I could hear the smile in his voice...... turns out he'd been working with her all week and having her retrieve the paper instead of Suzy, as a surprise for me when he was gone. Awwwww. Honestly, it was more romantic than a dozen roses, and I'm a selfish material girl who likes her roses.

Polly had a bit more difficulty with today's paper, understandably: the Sunday paper, especially in December, is unwieldy even for Suzy. But we were able to get the paper inside without flashing the neighbors too much butt cheek, I think. They're really old, and their vision has to be bad. That's what I tell myself, anyway. It's nice in my world and the sky is all sorts of pretty blues.

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