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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Screw You Guys, I'm Eating ALL the Tuna and Saving the Whales.

It's funny when you find yourself in, well, the funnies. James & I have long established that, for the most part, I am Bucky Katt, and he is Satchel Pootch. Last year for Xmas, I got us mugs with funny strips on them relating to each of us....... Satchel is distraught because they don't make crullers anymore (James' favorite).......mine, Bucky ends up breaking the wishbone & falling through the door - SWEET CRACKER SANDWICH, I got my wish, I'm out.
Anyway. I'm Bucky.

Not the most flattering character, but hang on, I'm also Eric Cartman. Kinda. Like when he gets mad at others and yells, that's when we sound the most alike. Especially with the "Screw you guys, I'm goin' hoooome."

...and we're both "big boned", dammit.

The saving grace of it all, the cartoon element that makes me somewhat redeemable and offsets all my selfishness is probably one of the most altruistic cartoon characters out there. She's bright, she's tender-hearted, and most of all, she has a rigid iron core backbone when it comes to discerning right from wrong. Neither of us can accept injustices and rail against the world when something's not fair. Yes, I'm talking about Lisa Simpson:

Fortunately, I'm not jaundice yellow, but I do like her hair. And I know, FOR SURE, Lisa Simpson would be a knitter, if given some ecologically sound wool & handmade free trade wooden knitting needles. But she would make everything for charity, probably. And here comes Bucky Katt rearing his scrawny selfish head and reminding me, once again, that I'm more Bucky and less Lisa......
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