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Friday, December 10, 2004

MMMMMMM, Shiny Objects.......

It's interesting how, when you're sick, the most mundane, boring, everyday things are suddenly the most fascinating, riveting, captivating things you've EVER SEEN in your life.

Last week, I stood in the middle of our kitchen, breathing through my mouth, watching my husband fill the plastic tank for the humidifier. I was entranced. This was amazing! He's using a siphon-like tube, I've seen hundreds of times before, and yet tonight it holds my interest like CSI (the Original One.)
He noticed me, slackjawed, staring at him & said, "Am I in your way?"
I replied, "No! Not at all."
He looked at me kinda funny. He was sick, too, but that man can FOCUS. He also has the ability to get dressed in the dark and can teach fifth graders without slapping them.
As if I were underwater, I looked at his face, slo-mo and all. "I'm sick," I said.

We did shots of Ny-Quil and went to bed.

Life in the fast lane, my friends. Life in the fast lane.
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