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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Double Time!

I did aqua aerobics, a long time ago, in a pool in Minneapolis. The day we tried it, the pool was very full. Full of people & full as in a LOT of water. I guess that's what makes it a pool. Anyway, the instructor insisted on having the exercises in the 5-foot section, and you were supposed to touch the bottom of the pool with your feet as you bounce around. When you're 5'3", this is a bitch, because you keep plunging most of your head underwater, and you're trying to watch what he's doing (yes, this was a guy instructor) and listen to what he's shouting in this echoing huge olympic pool area. I got frustrated quickly, and reverted to what I always do when I'm no longer participating at 100%: being a smartass. My friend & I were laughing about the rythmic dunking I was doing, and then I made the observation that this guy sounded exactly like Andre the Giant. It was most funny when he'd yell, "DUH BUH TINE!", which meant, "double time" and I was supposed to dunk myself at twice the annoying rate. From that point forward, any time we needed to pick up the pace (shopping, driving, working), the rallying cry was "DUH BUH TINE!" accompanied by big waving arm movements.
The holidays are comin'. I'm moving at DUH BUH TINE. It is all gonna get done, no matter how many times I have to get dunked. My best friend Shelley is coming over today to hang out & knit, and I'm going to knit on holiday gifts, get some cleaning up done, make haystacks for the cookie exchange at work, and wrap presents. Then it's off to do some more shopping, and get ready for tomorrow's Survivor finale party, with homemade pizzas and 7 guests! DUH BUH TINE! DUH BUH TINE!
It's a fine line between accomplishment and drowning sometimes!!!!
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