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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blur, Thud

This morning flew by in a blur. This afternoon seems to have ground to a halt and is moving forward as enthusiastically as a sea turtle on rocky terrain.

I was thinking about funny PackRat things, how you can tell a true addict - they say things like, "My kingdom for a camel!" or, "SHE STOLE MY PAGODA!" or, "Please don't break my lock, please, I just need this one thing and then I can vault it."

Yeah, it's an addiction. Clever game, even more so in its simplicity and psychological hold.

OK, hubs just called and made me laugh like no other person can. Tears streaming out of the corners of my eyes, because he is addicted to Craigslist, and he has a line on some fencing & tomato cages. So he's off to the manicured lawns of JoCo, with his truck & trailer, only the thing is, the trailer is half-full of crap he hauled up from the duck club, to dispose of on Bulky Item Pickup Day (next week). I told him he might get arrested. He countered with the visual that he was going to change his clothes & put on overalls...with no shirt. And added "Makes for great tan lines, too." Weeping, weeping, what with laughing so hard. I told him he needed to blast the theme to "Sanford & Sons" as he rolls through the calm neighborhoods, and I followed up with sending the ringtone to his phone.

Now, if there was only a Magic Dinner Apparatus, life would be complete.
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