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Monday, April 10, 2006

Like Sushi

I'm a little raw right now. My father called Friday night from the hospital & told me he has cancer. He has a lesion on his spine & a spot on his sternum & they were giving him pain, so he went in. We'll know today what we're dealing with & what the course of action will be. It's rather amazing, how much stuff sticks to your wound once the abrasion has been made; watching Johnny Sack dance with his daughter at her wedding on the Sopranos last night made me blink back tears - and there are a hundred other things in the past two days that have shot tears to my eyes. Like, taking a shower. Showers are good for crying, I think. Water washing the tears away, cold tile on my hot face. I just keep telling myself that we'll be strong & optimistic & there are a hundred things in our favor - early detection, he's a tough motherfucker, people beat cancer all the time. I started to write a blog yesterday, a recap of the conversation, but I couldn't even let JWo read it, and I couldn't finish it. Too many tears. Damn me for not buying waterproof mascara at Sephora!
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