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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday's Random Orts

*If I had a bitchin' Camaro, I wouldn't goose it and challenge a Porsche on Ward Parkway to race. I'm sensible like that.

*Insider Blasting & Ho-Ram Scoop: The girl who was hurt? Hanging on the fence leaning over the blast site. Sure, the blast screwed up? But that's not too far from looking down the barrel of a gun to see if you can see the bullet. DARWIN called, he wants you out of the gene pool!

*More Scoop: One more week of HO-RAM. Then, corrected blasting on a same-time-every-day daily basis. The sensation of the building falling around me will still be there, so I'll be leaving the building same-time-every-day for a while. Rational? Probably not. But I'd rather be up the hill and feel the earth shake than inside wondering if I'm going to be crushed.

*Sephora opens today. I shrieked (no joke) at my boss when he tried to set a meeting that would conflict with a long lunch hour. I have my priorites, people. Plus, I'm a little fried from burning the candle at both ends AND the HO-Ram. He's revising the meeting time. I should probably shop for some aromatherapy?

*Sims Update: You will all be happy to know that my Sim has recovered nicely, she no longer weeps constantly (but our roommate does - GEEZ, she's irritating.) Now I need to figure out how to unlock the gnome so all the cheat codes can be used. I'm terribly excited that there's a gnome. And yes. I'm a cheater.

*This has probably been done, but I'm thinking of a fun Blog Day called "Flash Your Bath". I would love to see just how jammed everyone else's bathtub/shower area is & what-all products you have. I know I'll need to splice two photos to get all mine in the pic. ;) Whaddya think?

HAPPY FRIDAY. May your day be free of HOs and HO-RAMS.
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