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Saturday, October 08, 2005

When Time Stands Still

Farewell Icon II

When we were in Oregon, MO last weekend, I took a few pictures. The place had the general feeling that time had stood still here and there ..... Things we don't think about NOT being around anymore, because we're so used to the new things - like cell phones instead of phone booths, or digital gas pumps instead of the old kind with the little flicking numbers.....
Gas Station

So when you see them again, it's enough to make you stop & realize just how much things have changed. And yet the leaves will fall, and the wind will blow, and Mother Nature will continue to do her thing, no matter how much we invent or develop.... and, kids & puppies will always grab our hearts. This family had the winning auction bid on the 10-week black lab pup, and their kids were so flippin' cute, I had them pose for pictures, with their new puppy. There's a joke about advertising, how you can always take the easy way and go with puppies & kids. There's a reason why it's true:

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