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Monday, April 18, 2005

Brave NU WOrld

This is the second Monday in a row that I have actually felt GOOD while getting ready for work. It's like the 80# boulder I got so used to wearing around my neck got utilized in a landscaping project & I finally got to set it down.

The interesting observation I've made is, much like my philosophy on Paper Cuts, is that while I'm very happy, I'm not getting off-the-charts exuberant, because I do have a tendency to act like a giant puppy about things (This chew toy is the GREATEST THING EVER! Look! Butterflies! GREATEST THINGS EVER!) and as I rub my scars from the last employer, I know that every job has its pitfalls and no particular job, or person, or relationship is ever perfect, and there will be stumbles and papercuts, and things that piss me off - but collectively, there is an overwhelming influx of positive energy and the element that was sorely missing in the past couple of years: Hope.

I mentioned to James that I was feeling the heaviness and sadness and hopelessness lift from me, and he said he'd seen the changes in me, too. Like that I was more combative now. When pressed for further details on what exactly "more combative" meant, he confessed that he noticed he wasn't getting away with as much shit anymore, that I was calling him on things I'd apparently been letting slide for a while, things I didn't have the energy to deal with.

:smile: New World, NuWo. The sun shines a lot more here.

(NuWo is our last names' initials combined - it's what we've called our household ever since I named our Sims family that.)
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