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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things We Don't Need To Be Settin' Up In The Living Room

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This would be the "Lightning Set Hunting Blind" from Cabela's, which proudly proclaims to be a hunting blind you can set up in 10 seconds, because of its "innovative Lightening Hub". Apparently they have not done indoor time trials for their marketing statements. James decided last night to open his up IN THE LIVING ROOM, and because - oh gosh, we have FURNITURE and things you don't want to knock over, it took a bit longer, and he kept getting inside it & putting his arms through the windows, so he looked like a Hunting Blind Mascot. Coming to a ballpark near you.

I know, I know. I'll love to eat the wild turkey he gets because of this purchase. But still. Just so you understand the SIZE of this thing? Interior height: 63", Size: 84" x 98". Too big.
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