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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ah, the Folly.

There's nothing like finishing a wool sweater as Spring/Summer approaches. Sigh. However, the sense of accomplishment is still HUGE. The pattern for this wonderful sweater is here at

Retrospective notes about this sweater? I made it a little big, thinking I'd wear it more like a coat. I would have made the sleeves a little shorter, remembered to put in bust darts, and I would have experimented with the collar - perhaps instead of the shawl collar, a polo-esque collar that would have fallen a bit lower & spread out more across the sweater, but that's just me thinkin' after the fact. Not that it's too late to re-do that part, if I decide to - but right now I'm content to be DONE.

Overall, it's going to be a warm, cozy sweater that fits, has unmatched style, and is a major knitting accomplishment for me. A friend from the guild looked at my sweater & immediately said she'd never wear all those flowers around her neck, and of course I replied, "Good thing I didn't make this for you, then!"

I've never lacked chutzpah, despite not being Jewish - and it's probably why I wanted to make this sweater in the first place. So I present, the Folly Fotos:
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