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Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's A Small World

AFTER all - and didn't you want THAT particular earworm to haunt you, all weekend long? Don't worry. Just whistle that song from the Scorpions and you'll be ok.

I went in to my new employer yesterday, and apparently they wouldn't let anyone have a beer before I got there. So my arrival was extremely welcomed, through bribery & alcohol. No problem there! And everyone was SO CHEERFUL. People came streaming up and saying how excited they were and welcoming me, I almost caught myself looking over my shoulder. Surely you are confusing me with someone far more interesting just behind me? And are these people really happy? Really? Fo' Real? It hit me after I left, what I've stumbled away from and while it wasn't healthy or productive or positive, it felt SAFE. Sort of like learning to sleep on a bed of nails, I guess, you feel strange if you're not being steadily prodded by sharp points, once you're used to it. Anyway. When I first got there, and rounded the corner - there was my friend Sean. SEAN! Hey! (Not to be confused with BatKiller Shawn. He's out of state & out of touch.) Sean used to work with me, and right at the time I was going through my shake up/fall from grace, Sean started a group that met at lunch and worked on drawing your life/basically exploring your own goals and realizing your dreams, whether they are personal or professional. You can see his self-published book here. If you live in KC, I can save you shipping. :) Because Sean works with me, again! It was just great to see a familiar face, and took some of my own nervousness away, meeting all sorts of new people & knowing I'd never remember their names. I also have a wicked head cold, which made evvvvvverything a little muffled, like wrapping a drum in a towel. Because of course, as I have a few days off & I start to relax, that means the bugs & nasties aren't held at bay anymore & they have seized the opportunity to pounce.

I'm grateful and excited and a smidge nervous. ("Coffee makes me a might nervous when I drink it, mmmhmmmmm.") I used to move, and change jobs, what felt like all the time. I got out of the habit, and now I have to go through the learning process again, re-mold, adapt, remember that some of it is new again & my new job will have loads more "goin' on". Hell, I never completely mastered the phones at my last job! (They were straight out of 1984. Orwell himself wouldn't have bothered, either.) So here's to a new chapter in the Book O' Jen. I have no idea how many pages there will be, or how dramatically it will read, but I'm looking forward to living it.
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