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Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Eyes, MY EYES!

WOw, I had no clue how bright that sunshine stuff was. I spent most of the day squinting & tilting my head, what with all the LIGHT, bright glorious light everywhere.

After Sunday Brunch with good friends, we had a big date trip to Lowe's. All garden stuff, ka-ching! ka-ching! I am always amazed how much stuff adds up - but it was nice, we got a couple of cool iron trellis-y things, one for the rose by James' workshop, and an obelisk thingy for the whiskey barrel planter, that will hopefully be covered with sweet peas in a month or two. I also got a bunch of bulbs for one part of the side yard, and we got wood to make a sign for the perennial bed out front, a sign that indicates our house address, plus a big "E", because without fail, people will go to the West version of our address, and remain confused. My job is to paint the numbers/letter & backdrop board as well as come up with something decorative to draw on wood that will go above the sign - fun practice for James & his new scroll saw (from last week's auction - easier to care for than a PUPPY.)

On the Folly update, I'm on the shoulder shaping for the sleeves. Whew. I swear, when this sweater is finished, I don't care if it's the middle of June, I'm cranking up the A/C and wearing the damn thing!!!!

Monday, Monday, fast approaching. Should be an interesting week!
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